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Beyond Goal Is Purpose

There is never a moment when you do not have a purpose. There is only the moment you feel you do not. Your life itself is your purpose. Every waking moment, every step you take, every phone call you make expresses your purpose. Just for a second, imagine in your [...]

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Beyond Fulfillment Is Joy

Joy, what a magnificent word! Let the word simmer in you for a moment. Joyous things burst forth, hit us at such a deep level they almost allow us to feel our bodies sing and stretch for the heavens. In earlier times, joy was to be strived for. Music, poetry, [...]

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Beyond Conversation Is Dialogue

Every once in a while, something occurs between people. An unexplainable experience that is profound and energetic. There is an intensity, a connection, that takes things beyond the surface and into the mystical. Of course, when two people are fully engaged, there is deep listening, eye contact, mirrored body language, [...]

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Beyond Control Is Trust

Just for a short moment, take a deep breath and sit quietly. It’s all right, nothing is going to happen, the dog will look after itself, the call you think you need to make can wait. The list you think you need to follow is not going anywhere. You will [...]

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Beyond Thinking Is A Clear Focused Mind

It is said that fifty thousand thoughts go through our individual heads in a normal day. As I notice my thoughts some things become clear. You can notice this too. Some thoughts are quiet, others loud; some are asked for, most are not. They sometimes come in based on a [...]