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Jonathan is president of TotalLeader Solutions Inc., a provider of cloud-based solutions which assesses, develops, and engages leaders at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

Beyond Fulfillment Is Joy

Joy, what a magnificent word! Let the word simmer in you for a moment. Joyous things burst forth, hit us at such a deep level they almost allow us to feel our bodies sing and stretch for the heavens. In earlier times, joy was to be strived for. Music, poetry, and architecture were created to [...]

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Beyond Conversation Is Dialogue

Every once in a while, something occurs between people. An unexplainable experience that is profound and energetic. There is an intensity, a connection, that takes things beyond the surface and into the mystical. Of course, when two people are fully engaged, there is deep listening, eye contact, mirrored body language, similar facial expressions that denote [...]

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Beyond Control Is Trust

Just for a short moment, take a deep breath and sit quietly. It’s all right, nothing is going to happen, the dog will look after itself, the call you think you need to make can wait. The list you think you need to follow is not going anywhere. You will achieve from it what you [...]

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Beyond Thinking Is A Clear Focused Mind

It is said that fifty thousand thoughts go through our individual heads in a normal day. As I notice my thoughts some things become clear. You can notice this too. Some thoughts are quiet, others loud; some are asked for, most are not. They sometimes come in based on a conditioned response to an external [...]

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Issue: Results Not Meeting Expectation

There is often a gap between the actual results which a team delivers and the expectations of the senior leader. This occurs more often than not because of the capability of a team and its capacity to get results are not consistent.  The team needs to improve one or the other.  To put it simply: “They need to up [...]

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Issue: Employee Engagement

Satisfied, engaged employees have a direct connection to improved productivity and stronger workplace cultures. However recent data from Employment Engagement Index has shown that only about 29% of workers feel engaged. How to build engaging cultures is becoming increasingly important. This has to begin with developing leadership behaviors that can engage workers. Leadership Behaviors [...]

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4 Signs Your Managers are Not Supporting You, … and what to do about it!

If you are spending too much time and energy to move things forward, then your managers are not supporting you or the company's goals. The bench strength of your team is low. 4 Signs that a team is not supporting you: You constantly are asking for vital information You regularly need to follow-up on [...]

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Need to make changes at work? answer “What’s in it for them”

When change is coming, a strong #leader needs everyone to be on board When #CHANGE is going happen, make sure everyone can answer the question: "What's in it for me". This question is a crucial part of Step 1 "Understand" from the Performance Learning Spiral. The answer allows your [...]

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How to End Procrastination in One Easy Step

How’s it going with that New Year’s resolution? Procrastinating yet? Here’s how to stay on track as smoothly as possible, and get more done. No wasted energy, only clear thinking and effective action. Inevitably there are some goals you will be able to achieve and others well... they will drop by the wayside or be put [...]

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