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About TotalLeader® Solutions Inc.

TotalLeader® Solutions Inc. provides performance solutions for the human side of business. This is accomplished through cloud-based tools which allow companies of all sizes to receive leading edge human development training at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.


TotalLeader® Solutions Inc. is the evolution of 25 plus years of creating, testing and implementing ideas that leaders from all sizes and types of organizations have used to achieve results they are proud of. The founder, Jonathan Creaghan, wanted to provide learning materials and methods that were easy to understand, simple to use, and as relevant at home as at work. These strict criteria meant that he discarded many ideas and accepted few.

When you receive your dashboard you can feel confident that TotalLeader® Solutions Inc. is providing field tested answers which have been painstakingly developed over many years and tens of thousands of hours of use by people who operate and work in businesses the likes of which you will find in your own towns and cities.


Jonathan Creaghan
Jonathan CreaghanFOUNDER
Jonathan Creaghan provides solutions for the human side of business. For over 25 years, he has taught people to think differently. He is the creator of the TotalLeader® Development Program, Leadership Stages Assessment, DeeperDialogue® Coaching Method, and the Performance Learning Spiral which are used by his clients to achieve their business and personal goals.

He is author of several books including Duxter’s Leap! and the Thinking Differently® Leadership series: Thinking Differently® about… Getting More Done; Thinking Differently® about … Succession. These books are published around the globe in several languages. He is also a sought after contributor for international leadership blogs such www.SwitchandShift.com and family business magazine www.Tharawat.com.

He has a degree from Western University, and is a Master Practitioner in N.L.P.

Joanne Creaghan
Joanne CreaghanFOUNDER
Joanne Creaghan’s career has always consisted of the fine balance of using both her analytical and interpersonal skills. For over twenty years she worked in educational systems implementing and overseeing databases, and most importantly providing the support and training which resulted in efficient client use and data integrity. Ten years ago, Joanne began working for her husband’s consulting business.

Through her encouragement, they have placed their Leadership Stages Assessment onto a cloud-based dashboard. Her career is coming full circle, as TotalLeader Solutions Inc. moves into the Software as a Service model offering their proprietary material and programs to clients and other business advisors.

Joanne is looking forward to assisting clients around the world, so she can travel and feed her fascination for history. She also has a degree from Western University.

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“The tools are brilliant and you’ll come to make the right decisions, not second guess yourself. Knowing how to act has strength to it.  …if you stay consistent you will sleep at night.”

Chris Wood | President, Marwood Metal Fabrication Ltd.