TotalLeader® Solutions Identifies and Develops the
Right Behaviours to Raise the Bar of Leadership

Way More Than a Score!

TotalLeader® Solutions is

A fully integrated digital system

specifically designed to address the goals of leaders who need their teams to be better, yet don’t know how to get started.


Simple Solutions with 4 Integrated Tools


Tells You HOW Your Leaders Are Doing
TotalLeader® Solutions starts the leadership growth path with LeadershipSTAGES Assessment – Way More Than Score.

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Identifies WHAT Needs To Be Worked On
Provides a customized strategy for a leader’s growth.

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SHOWS Everyone How To Improve
– Follow The Steps

The Coaching Tool is a step-by-step playbook customized to the leader’s needs based on their LeadershipSTAGES reports.

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Easy To Use RESOURCES That Speed Up The Growth
The resources are easy to understand, simple to use, and as relevant at home as at work. No academic jargon.

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Continuous Growth Continuous Support Continuous Success

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TotalLeader® Solutions Links Professional Management Thinking & Behaviour To Achieving Leadership Goals

What is Your Goal?

  • Get objective data on how likely individuals and teams will be able to help you grow the company.
  • Your managers have moved up the rank, and now they need to be more professional.
  • Want to complete important initiatives.
  • Be able to develop your leaders at a fraction of the cost of traditional training.
  • There are challenges to executing on your goals and objectives.
  • Answers: Is my child ready to run the family business?
  • Determine if the bench strength of your team is strong enough.
  • Reconnect to your passion for the business and a feeling of achievement.
  • Have one of our consultants come in to examine the health of your business.
  • TotalLeader® Solutions provides a clear measurable way to help your clients identify and develop their leaders.
  • Build more structure and direction to your service offerings.
  • Delivers a template for coaching conversations, with focus on improving behaviour.
  • Add new and recurring revenue streams to your consulting business.

We have a solution for all your leadership questions.

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