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The Leader Library is the “go to resources area” for users of the Leadership Stages Dashboard.

  • Specifically designed to provide tools and learning content for the most often dealt with issues found in the workplace:
    • Clear thinking – focus, handling stress
    • Decision making
    • Communicating
    • Implementing ideas
    • Personal Effectiveness
    • Leadership issues
  • Helps you make decisions, over come challenges and get into action on goals
  • Follows the principles for the human side of business
  • Provides for out of the box thinking opportunities
  • Speeds up your development to the next stage of leadership.
  • The library content is easy to understand, simple to use, implements immediately and as relevant at home as it is at work

Case Studies

Rebuilding a company starts with rebuilding leadership’s thinking

Read full case study here

Building club member satisfaction
through developing leadership and lowering employee turnover

Read full case study here

Building a high performing
culture in a low pay,
high turnover industry

Read full case study here

Staying ahead of fast growth
by developing the bench strength
of the management team

Read full case study here

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Issue: Results Not Meeting Expectation

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There is often a gap between the actual results which a team delivers and the expectations of the senior leader. This occurs more often than not because of the capability of a team and its capacity to get [...]

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Issue: Employee Engagement

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Satisfied, engaged employees have a direct connection to improved productivity and stronger workplace cultures. However recent data from Employment Engagement Index has shown that only about 29% of workers feel engaged. How to build [...]

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4 Signs Your Managers are Not Supporting You, … and what to do about it!

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If you are spending too much time and energy to move things forward, then your managers are not supporting you or the company's goals. The bench strength of your team is low. 4 Signs [...]

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