Beyond Intelligence Is Brilliance

I sit watching the waiter skip, almost dance across the floor as he moves between the tables to serve the next customer. The fluid motion, the quiet way he says “scusi” (excuse me in Italian) as he goes by. This is poetry in action. I am hypnotized. I don’t know if he is intelligent; I [...]

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Beyond Goal Is Purpose

There is never a moment when you do not have a purpose. There is only the moment you feel you do not. Your life itself is your purpose. Every waking moment, every step you take, every phone call you make expresses your purpose. Just for a second, imagine in your mind’s eye a grand ballroom [...]

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Beyond Fulfillment Is Joy

Joy, what a magnificent word! Let the word simmer in you for a moment. Joyous things burst forth, hit us at such a deep level they almost allow us to feel our bodies sing and stretch for the heavens. In earlier times, joy was to be strived for. Music, poetry, and architecture were created to [...]

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Beyond Control Is Trust

Just for a short moment, take a deep breath and sit quietly. It’s all right, nothing is going to happen, the dog will look after itself, the call you think you need to make can wait. The list you think you need to follow is not going anywhere. You will achieve from it what you [...]

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Beyond Thinking Is A Clear Focused Mind

It is said that fifty thousand thoughts go through our individual heads in a normal day. As I notice my thoughts some things become clear. You can notice this too. Some thoughts are quiet, others loud; some are asked for, most are not. They sometimes come in based on a conditioned response to an external [...]

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Issue: Employee Engagement

Satisfied, engaged employees have a direct connection to improved productivity and stronger workplace cultures. However recent data from Employment Engagement Index has shown that only about 29% of workers feel engaged. How to build engaging cultures is becoming increasingly important. This has to begin with developing leadership behaviors that can engage workers. Leadership Behaviors [...]

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