Beyond Control Is Trust

Just for a short moment, take a deep breath and sit quietly. It’s all right, nothing is going to happen, the dog will look after itself, the call you think you need to make can wait. The list you think you need to follow is not going anywhere. You will achieve from it what you will achieve, nothing more, nothing less. Just trust yourself, just for a moment.

I may, at this moment, feel the need to “get something done” rather than sit here and write this chapter. But that is missing the point. I am, in reality, weak and fearful. When I trust, something shifts inside me. I go quiet, a peace overwhelms this chattering mind of control, and I feel better — somehow cleaner, more powerful. Letting go and trusting does that for me. To trust myself means that I will have the answer I think controlling the situation will get me but doesn’t and if I don’t, I am smart enough and experienced enough to know where to find it.

Trusting myself means listening to my “gut,” my instinct. This listening puts me in touch with the insight of knowing when to act and when not to. Timing of action takes the place of action for the sake of control. Trusting myself allows me to hear the really important message being relayed by those important to me. I give them the time. I hear what they are really saying. I can then be of service to them.

You may want to control as much of your life as possible, believing that if you don’t there is something wrong: your life may come to a screeching halt and you won’t accomplish what you set out to do. But because you are sitting quietly reading this, you can discover that conclusion isn’t even logical or practical. Interruptions, unpredictable events, reactions, unexpected conversations, meetings, out-of-the-blue requests, questions, traffic jams on the way home, all get in the way of the almighty focus on control. What does this do to us? Well, it makes us feel bad when we can’t control the way we expect to. We beat ourselves up, feel guilty, question ourselves. It can eat away at our confidence.

But when you give way to trust, you can roll with the punches knowing that, even in the wake of unexpected life events, you will be fine. You will accomplish exactly what needed to be accomplished at that moment. Trust and acceptance go hand in hand. Both have power. Both give you more confidence than control can only hope to provide.

“If you knew deep down inside that, no matter what happens you will be fine. What would be possible?”*

*A quote from Duxter’s Leap by Jonathan Creaghan

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