Beyond Love…


Love is believing in someone more than they believe in themselves
Love is believing in possibility
Love is believing in a beautiful world that others can’t see
Love is seeing with fresh eyes and hearing with fresh ears
Love is total attention
Love is losing track of time
Love is in the details
Love is wholeness
Love is free from emotionalism and sentimentality
Love is listening with depth through your heart and body
Love is truth
Love is connection
Love is flexibility
Love is holding yourself and others accountable
Love is the wag of a dog’s tail and the purr of a cat
Love is observing
Love is patience
Love is the shade of an oak tree
Love is a rainstorm
Love is now
Love is free of seeking wanting, craving, desiring
Love is all beauty
Love is still
Love is a stop sign

Wait, love is a stop sign? Yes, love is found everywhere, at all times. It is found in the things we take for granted and the things we don’t. Love is a stop sign when we realize its purpose is to protect life and well-being. It creates an opportunity to allow another person to feel safe crossing a road. Love is a stop sign when we realize that not obeying it can cause suffering and can take away a life and profoundly alter a family’s well-being.

But, that is the amazing thing about love. All it requires is a shift of perspective to discover it is everywhere and in the simplest of things. Look around you. It may take some practice, but you will see it there.

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Love is found in the things we take for granted and the things we don’t.

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