Beyond Conversation Is Dialogue

Every once in a while, something occurs between people. An unexplainable experience that is profound and energetic. There is an intensity, a connection, that takes things beyond the surface and into the mystical.

Of course, when two people are fully engaged, there is deep listening, eye contact, mirrored body language, similar facial expressions that denote two people fully engaged in mutual respect of ideas, but that is only a part of the equation. The other part is a feeling of connectedness, an energy that envelops the situation like a warm blanket.

We crave this experience; I am sure of it. Ideas flow, and suddenly one plus one equals three. We feel time stand still; we forget about who we are and our situations, and we reach flow. A dialogue happens when we let go and trust. We trust ourselves, each other, and the world. At that moment, we are creative energy. I know you have experienced this, hopefully more than once in your life.

Can it happen all the time? I don’t know, the conditions for it to occur seem out of my control. With one person, I am not able to even have a conversation. He knows it; I know it. Nothing exists between us. You can usually tell, within a very short period of time, seconds usually. But with others there is an instant attraction, a flurry of unconscious energy bounces back and forth between us and something larger happens.

A connection to the present moment certainly helps as, I believe, does a quiet mind where the barriers are down, allowing for a flow to occur. Maybe what it is really happening, though, is the opening of the human spirit to love. The all-encompassing state that keeps our world together.

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