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Simple Solutions with 4 Integrated Tools



TotalLeader® Solutions starts the leadership growth path with LeadershipSTAGES Assessment – Way More Than Score.

This is not ‘just another personality assessment’, rather it measures the correct behaviours that when used with TotalLeader® Solutions’ Reports, Coaching Tool, and Leader Library become a complete leadership development process.

The focus on BEHAVIOUR generates deeper conversations on workplace issues and leadership.

Looks at six Behaviours such as

Respect is built daily through the integrity of actions. For instance: keeping one’s word, showing up on time.

Ability to shift orientation from “I want” to “We can”. Staying on tasks at hand in order to attain goals.


Set the foundation for future growth

Reports identify the recommended areas to improve, so a customized strategy can be created to a leader’s growth. The reports emphasize future possibility and leadership effectiveness, not personality traits.

Since LeadershipSTAGES can be used multiple times within a year, reports can track leadership growth over time.

Reports are clear, short and easy to interpret, yet packed with information


Just follow the steps

The Coaching Tool is a step-by-step playbook customized to the leader’s needs based on their LeadershipSTAGES Reports.

Provides advice for both the person who was assessed and the senior leader or advisor who will be doing coaching. Includes recommended action, coaching advice, and expectations when results are selected.


Easy to use RESOURCES that speed up the growth

The Leader Library was designed to speed-up the growth of the learner, by supporting their move up the leadership stages.

It’s important that the resources be used and REMEMBERED.

The resources are easy to understand, simple to use, and as relevant at home as at work.

Membership access to Leader Library resources can be bought separately.

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